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Yes, I am giving three talks in 28 hours next week at Portland Cocktail Week and Drink.Write 2010. Fun! 

Drink.Write: Cocktail Blogging: Ethics, the Law, and You

Friday, October 22 @ 10:30am

Disclosure laws, brand relationships and interacting with public relations firms can create a minefield of ethical challenges and legal risks for cocktail writers and bloggers. Recent changes to sample disclosure laws, identifying and managing potential ethical conflicts and minimizing risk will be discussed in this session.

Paul Clarke and I will be leading this talk. We will discuss the topics above that are your ethical responsibilities as a cocktail blogger, but also the outside world's responsibilities to you: copyright of content and recipes, plagiarism, and content licensing. 

It's a lot to cover, so I've got to get back to researching the topic. Hope to see you there

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