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Mile-High Mixology: Delta and United Create Same Cocktail

On one hand, it's great that airlines are getting into cocktails. On the other hand, there's not a lot to work with when you're limited to the selection of liquids already on the cart.


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This month both Delta and United announced  their new cocktails.

Delta [via jaunted via Forest]:

Bourbon Breeze  (Woodford Reserve Small Batch Bourbon/Cranberry & Apple Juice/Splash Orange Juice/Lime Wedge Garnish

United [via MarketWatch]:

United Airlines is offering customers, beginning today, a refreshing new signature cocktail, Sunrise Sunset, on all United flights that offer beverage service. The sweet and tangy cocktail, developed by United flight attendant Tita Martin, is a mix of cranberry apple juice, a splash of orange juice, a squeeze of lime and vodka.


  1. These are the exact same drink with a different base spirit.
  2. They're both just variations of a Madras

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