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Sherry Bodega Visit: Harvey's

In September 2010 I visited several sherry bodegas. Here are pictures and a few notes from Bodegas Harvey's. 

Harveys vineyard4_tn
(At the vineyard.)

Harveys vineyard 2_tn
(The white, chalky soil of Jerez not only seals in water to get the vines through the dry season, it reflects sunlight up to the bottom of the vines as well.)

Harveys barrel_tn
(At the bodega, the famous Harvey's Bristol Cream.)

Harveys bodega2_tn
(Barrels of sherry at the Harvey's bodega.)

Harveys bodega 7_tn
(Sherry, read for drinking!)

Harveys bodega albino peacock_tn
(The grounds at Harvey's are filled with animals like albino peacocks and...)

Harveys bodega alligator 3_tn
(a pair of alligators.)


  • 75% of their grapes are machine harvested
  • PX and Palomino grapes look similar but taste very different
  • Vines last 30-35 years before being replaced
  • Harveys sells 51% of all sherry in US. That’s most (all?) Harvey’s Bristol Cream
  • Harvey’s VOS, VORS not yet sold in US. 
  • The cream category of sherry was named for Harvey’s Bristol Cream
  • Harvey’s has albino peacocks
  • Alligators- Harvey and Kevin. Kevin didn’t get along with his former mate Sandra and killed her. Gay alligators? 
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