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The New ZU Review

Image001 Just kidding, it's not a review. So there is a new bison grass vodka called ZU on the market from the people who make Zubrowka bison grass vodka. It has a similar name and similar bottle so I asked what is the difference? 

They responded:

ZU is produced for the US market specifically by the only authorized creator of Poland’s internationally renowned Żubrówka: Polmos Bialystock.  Żubrówka in Europe is made with bison grass, which contains high levels of coumarin –  a natural substance that is banned by the FDA (though it is actually found in many foods like celery, vanilla, etc). Because it is deemed as toxic when consumed in large doses, ZU does not contain coumarin.  It is flavored with a proprietary all-natural blend of ingredients assembled by the distillers at Polmos Bialystock in Poland to identically replicate the flavors of bison grass.  ŻU’s rich heritage and meticulous production process attests to its integrity, and ensures the bison grass flavor profile is intact. 

Thus it's bison grass-flavored vodka. The more you know. 

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