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Tequila Distillery Visit: Sauza

2010: The Year That Was

Looking back through my 2010 calendar, the year's theme was HUSTLE.

In 2010 I visited 23 distilleries, bodegas, and blending houses. 

I traveled to Vegas twice, New York twice, Guatemala, New Zealand, Scotland twice, New Orleans, Spain, Germany, Portland, Kentucky, and Mexico twice. 

I had stories published for the first time in Wired, Penthouse, Executive Travel, 7x7, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Mixology, and Tasting Table.

I continued to have articles published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Tasting Panel, Beverage Media, Caviar Affair, SilverKris, and Fine Cooking.

On top of all that, I blogged here on Alcademics almost every day of the year.

No wonder I'm exhausted, but what a year! 

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