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Cerveza Adventure, Part Two

Cerveza Adventure in Mexico

Hello from Mexico! Yes I was just in Kentucky yesterday morning but now I'm in mostly-sunny Playa Del Carmen, near Cancun. I'm hear on a trip with winners of the Dos Equis Cargo Hunt. They competed in an online treasure hunt to help The Most Interesting Man in the World (for the media shy of you, that's a very successful ad campaign) recover his lost items. 

I, on the other hand, am just a hanger-on traveling in the entourage. We're not visiting the Dos Equis distillery on this trip, so it's all about jungle adventure for these two days. 

La reve hotel30
Our hotel is on Playa Del Carmen. I've never been here before so I had no idea that every property down the beach is like a giant ultra-lounge/spa/beach club. 

Plane playa del carmen to chichen itza26_tn
We woke up early and took small planes (four people plus the pilot) to Chichen Itza, a famous and lovely set of Mayan ruins. This year I've been on 4 helicopter rides so I'm finally getting less screamy/panicky when riding on small aircraft.  

Chichen itza pyramid30_tn

After Chichen Itza, we headed to one of the many cenotes, or sinkholes, that dot the area. You can see some large ones in the picture from the plane above. We went to a small one we had reserved for the Dos Equis group. 

It's hard to photograph, but it's a crystal blue pond about 100 feet below the surface level, and the pond is about 50 feet deep. Peaceful, lovely, amazing. I could float there all day if only there were umbrella drinks.

Then we took the planes home and we're waiting for dinner. They're not telling us what we're doing on this trip (unlike most press trips where they hand us an agenda down to the quarter-hour), so who knows what adventure awaits tonight and tomorrow!

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