Cerveza Adventure, Part Two
Fall Fun with Spiced Rum

Cerveza Adventure Part Three: Out in Playa Del Carmen

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After a full day of jungle adventure, we hit the town of Playa Del Carmen on the last night of the Dos Equis Cargo Hunt winners' trip. Playa Del Carmen is a smaller city than nearby Cancun, near a long set of resorts down what they're calling the Mayan or Mexican Riviera. 

We started with dinner at a restaurant that specializes in flambe dishes. For dessert, some folks ordered the Mayan Coffee, made with coffee, Kahlua, Xtabentun (a local liqueur with anise and honey on a rum base), and sugar.

First one waiter lit it on fire in a metal gravy boat, then tossed the liquid between one boat and the other like the Blue Blazer. Then he started doing it while standing over the head of another waiter who was seated, and we were like, "Stop- you're going to light his freaking head on fire!" but it turns out it was all part of the act. A third waiter stepped in between the seated and the standing waiter and held out two of his own gravy boats. They poured the flaming alcohol from one gravy boat to the next down six levels and into the glasses on the table.

Take that, Jerry Thomas.

Mayan coffee3_tn

Then we went barhopping. We started at the Blue Parrot, a beachside disco with an impressive fire spinning show. I say impressive because living in Burning Man central, I've seen more lousy fire spinning shows than I can count and this one actually impressed. 

Blue parrot beach club fire show5_tn

Next we headed to Coco Bongo, a place that's sort of like a vintage nightclub on crystal meth. A floor level and three levels of theater seating/standing crowds face a stage at the top level, on which a slew of dancers and lipsynchers in costume perform hits by chart-toppers from the last 40 years, from Elvis to Katy Perry.  

Coco bongo16_tn
(Believe it or not, this is the Van Halen number.)

The acts change about every three minutes and a whole new set of dancers come out, or a troupe of aerial acrobats may drop down from the ceiling over the crowd like Cirque du Soleil, or it may be a musical comedy act reminiscent of Sabado Gigante. 

Coco bongo55_tn

Then about every 5 minutes a huge blast of snake-shaped baloons or confetti will shoot at high volume from the ceiling, coating everyone. 

Coco bongo20_tn

It's ridiculous and cheesy and so much fun. 

After that we headed to another bar for a quick final beer but most of the group was exhausted from two days of adventure and a couple hours of Coco Bongo.  

Thanks to Dos Equis for a most interesting trip. 

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