Cerveza Adventure in Mexico
Cerveza Adventure Part Three: Out in Playa Del Carmen

Cerveza Adventure, Part Two

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When we last spoke, I was telling the tales of my trip to Playa Del Carmen with the winners of the Dos Equis Cargo Hunt.

At the end of the first big day, we had dinner on the beach outside the hotel with a drum show and fresh hand-rolled rolled cigars.

Fun fact: apparently one doesn't inhale cigars, unlike cigarettes, which is why other people don't get horribly barfy when they smoke them. The more you know.

Cigar rolling on the beach4_tn

In the morning, we were off to a second epic day of adventure. We began at Rio Secreto, a series of caves with an underground river running though them. We walked, crouched, and swam through a series of caves for an hour and a half. Beautiful.

Camper in cave rio secreto2 
(I'm up in your cave, swimming with your catfish.)

Then it was off to another spot in the jungle with a tour operator called Alltournative for a series of challenges. The first was walking through another cave and undergoing a Mayan ceremony asking nature for permission to enter and protecting us from evil spirits. It must have worked because I didn't die the rest of the day on the adventure sports. 

Mayan ceremony

Then we rode mountain bikes through the jungle and swung on ziplines above it. 

Camper on ropeline
(From this angle you can't hear me shrieking.)

Then we finished the day by repelling down into a cenote (sinkhole) like the beginning of The Descent and splashing around in the water. But with less cave monsters. 

Repelling into cenote

An action-packed day, which was then followed by a night in Playa Del Carmen that I'll post about next. 

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