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Winter Cocktail Menus in San Francisco

Cocktails in Kentucky: Bar Menus for Proof on Main and 732 Social

Last week in Louisville, Kentucky with Four Roses bourbon I stopped in to a few bars, most notably Proof on Main and 732 Social (twice).

732 social tinctures_tn

Proof on Main was our last stop on the first night so it was empty besides our group and local cocktail consultant Josh Durr, who joined for a nightcap. 732 Social, which we also hit at the end of the shift on the first night then again for dinner the next, has seriously sexy ice. 

Here are their current cocktail menus, pasted from their respective websites. 

732 Social 

Bronx Cocktail
Plymouths Gin, Vya sweet Vermouth,Vya dry Vermouth, fresh squeezed Orange Juice,house made Blood Orange Bitters

New Amsterdam Gin, Carpono Antica Formula, Campari, Orange ZestOn the “Rock” or Up

Hemingway Daiquiri
Cruzan White Rum, fresh squeezed Lime Juice,fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice, Luxardo Maraschino, Demerara Syrup.
When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

Old Tom Gin, Yellow Chartreuse,house made Blood Orange Bitters, Lemon chip

Dirk Funk
Johnny Drum 101, Carpono Antica Formula,Grand Marnier, Herbsaint, Angostura Bitters

Vonnegut Fizz
Pisco Brandy, Lemon Juice, Ginger Syrup,Simple Syrup, Old Fashioned Bitters, Egg White, Mint
We are what we pretend to be, so we must be carefulwhat we pretend to be.

Henris Julep
Wild Turkey Rye, La tour Mont Vert Absinthe,Cardenal Mendoza Brandy, house madeGomme Syrup, Fresh Mint
If Taulouse Latrec ever made it to the Derby, I’m surethis is what he would drink.

Gin Smash (Mint or Basil)New Amsterdam Gin, house made Gomme Syrup,Fresh Mint or Basil

Honky Tonk
Wild Turkey Rye, Cardenal Mendoza Brandy,Green Chartreuse, Chocolate Bitters,house made Sassafras Bitters, house madeSheldon Bitters, Sugar cube, Orange chip
“An’ mx it up with some down home southern draw, y’all:You got your Yee Haw!”

Long Stem Rose
Sparkling Brut, Sugar cube, Peychaud Bitters,Orange Bitters, Grapefruit Bitters, Peach Bitters,Rose Water, St. Germain, Lemon zest

South Side
New Amsterdam Gin, fresh squeezed Lemon Juice, house made Ginger Syrup, house made Gomme Syrup, Fee Brother’s Old Fashion Bitters, Egg White,Fresh Mint

Proof on Main

The One $9
sparkling wine, domaine de canton,pernod, angostura bitters

Woodland Cider $10
old forester clove, lemon, apple cider

The Grotto $8
dewars scotch, antica formula, honey,lemon

Early Retirement $10
finlandia, st. germain, aperol, lemon

Barbarella $10
absolut citron, domaine de canton,raspberries, bell pepper

Smoketown $9
crema de mescal, lime, vanilla bean,honey

Strapping Lad $10
cruzan blackstrap rum, punt e mes,honey, lime

Bourbon & Barrel $9
bbc bourbon barrel stout, oldforester, sangue morlacco, orangebitters

Negroni Rye $10
rittenhouse rye, campari, anticaformula

House-Made Tonic $9
gin or vodka, lime

Thanks everyone for hosting us!

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