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Sherry Bodega Visit: Bodegas Gonzalez Byass

In September 2010 I visited several sherry bodegas. Here are pictures and a few notes from Bodegas Gonzalez Byass. 

Bodega Gonzalez Byass24_tn
(The grounds of the bodega have grape vines covering the streets to provide shade.)

Bodega Gonzalez Byass_tn
(A train takes people on a tour around the bodega.)

Bodega Gonzalez Byass2_tn
(One of the rooms for special events.)

Bodega Gonzalez Byass picasso_tn
(A barrel signed by Picasso.)

Bodega Gonzalez Byass44_tn
(Some Tio Pepe out of the cask. You can see the flor broken up in the glass.)


  • Make Tio Pepe
  • Over 200,000 visitors per year to bodega
  • Tio Pepe grapes are and will always be collected by hand, not machine
  • Higher vineyards considered better – get more of the wet wind
  • Theyre one of the only companies to grow PX in Jerez. Others buy it from Cordoba
  • Have a big catalogue of vintage-dated sherries- Anadas
  • Corks are loose on sherry barrels to let air in, but most air freshness comes from when you change the levels of the sherry in the solera
  • The El Duque brand starts as Tio Pepe fino, aged longer
  • The higher the percentage of alcohol, the more lignin it absorbs from the wood. 
  • Nuttiness comes from the grapes. Coconut comes from the wood.
  • Palo Cortado- probably started back in the day when they couldn’t accurately meauser alcohol percentage, so they put too much in the fino and killed it


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