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Sherry Bodega Visit: Bodegas Williams & Humbert

In September 2010 I visited several sherry bodegas. Here are pictures and a few notes from Bodegas Williams & Humbert. 

Bodegas williams and humbert12_tn
(The bodega is absolutely enormous.)

Bodegas williams and humbert horse show5_tn
(There's a horse show inside the bodega for visitors.)

Bodegas williams and humbert eonologist2_tn
(For barrel tasting, the venenciador (in this case, the chief oenologist) inserts the venencia into the barrel to pull out a cup of liquid, then pours above a glass to aerate.)

Bodegas williams and humbert17_tn
(From a high perch in the bodega, you can see nearly the whole thing. Center in the picture is a tour group.)


  • They make Dry Sack - actually a medium sweetness sherry
  • Huge tourist visitor center- enter through the bodega and go to the horse show
  • Brandy de Jerez is very popular in the Philippines
  • Bowmore 1964 was aged in their casks
  • Macallan new casks prepared here
  •     New wood with aged sherry added to them
  •     The sherry is not sold afterward- too woody
  • Fino was first developed in an industrial way in the 1920’s and 30’s
  • Dry sack is the top selling medium sweet sherry in the world. 
  •     Tio Pepe is top selling fino. (Not made here.)
  •     Harvey’s Bristol Cream is the top cream. (Not made here.)
  • Dry sack is blended with PX right at the beginning  before it enters the solera system
  • 15 year oloroso is very yummy. 
  • I also liked Gran Dulque de Alba XO
  • They make the Dos Maderas rums
  • Liked the VORS amontillado, VOS Palo Cortado


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