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Tequila Distillery Visit: Patron

In November I visited seven tequila distilleries in Mexico. Here are some pictures and notes from my visit to the Patron distillery in the town of Atotonilco.

Patron tequila distillery_tn(The distillery is on a huge plot of land. It's a huge distillery. This is the front gate.)

Hacienda patron tequila distillery2_tn
(This is the hacienda, which is the center of the distillery. Nice place.)

Roller mill patron tequila distillery_tn
(This is agave going in to the rollermill. Patron is 50% rollermill agave and 50% tahona agave.)

Tahona agave wooden fermentionation tanks patron tequila distillery_tn
(Fermenting tahona agave. Tahona agave ferments and is distilled with the fibers.)

Composting machines patron tequila distillery_tn
(Outside the distillery they prepare the spent agave to be fertilizer.)

Aging casks patron tequila distillery_tn
(They use a mix of barrels for Patron.)

  • The distillery is actually 12 distilleries operating independently. 
  • Most of the agave comes from the highlands
  • They recycle the first agave juice out of the ovens, don't use it for fermentation
  • Ferment in pine wood, not stainless
  • Have unusual stills designed by master distiller
  • Tahona agave takes 2 hours to crush
  • Patron silver is 75% of sales, reposado accounts for 10 percent and anejo accounts for 15
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