Cocktail Menu: Taste by Niche in St. Louis
A Meat Cocktail with a Vegetarian Option

Big Changes, Slow Changes

Sage 75 Cocktail 2 SMALL Usually in cocktail writing we think in terms of microtrends: the latest techniques (barrel aging cocktails, fat-washing), the latest categories (mezcal, pisco), popular flavors or ingredients (falernum, smoke), and the latest bar themes (high-volume cocktail bars, tiki).

We don't talk too much about the macro-trends. In my latest post for, I discuss one of the biggest macro-trends: that cocktails are getting better in general, with fresh ingredients, respect for the classics, and more knowledgeable bartenders.

Also, there's a recipe for the Sage 75 from the Vesper Bar at the new Cosmopolitan in Vegas.

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