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Big in Germany

Mixology cover blood and sand I try to link to all my writing available online, but you really only see two-thirds or so of it. And even if you could see it all, most of us couldn't read it because it's in German.

I am a regular contributor to Mixology magazine, based in Berlin, and for this magazine I write these insanely long stories usually about a single cocktail.

I've written 2000 words about eggnog, 2500 on the Blood and Sand, and 4000 words on the Mai Tai.

All of it gets translated into German so when I see the print version I can't read it but I like to look at the pictures. 

One picture that I particularly enjoyed seeing was this cover illustration for my eggnog story.


Mixology Mag Cover Eggnog

I don't know if I've ever had the cover image before, so that's pretty awesome. (Update: Realized I've had it twice before- sweet!)

I shall now use this ego boost to get me through my next story, which is 2500 words on the Caipirinha, due tomorrow.


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