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Fat-Washing Doesn't Have to be Used for Evil

Fat-washing is the technique by which bartenders infuse the flavors in fatty substances into alcohol. Usually that's a pork product such as bacon. The meat is put into alcohol and infused for a time, then the liquid is chilled and the fatty part, which floats to the top, removed. The flavor of meaty death stays behind in the liquid.

But, vegetalians, it doesn't have to be animal carcass that is washed.

Shawn Soole in Victoria, BC, Canada fat-washed a grilled cheese sandwich into Mount Gay rum and made a Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Martini. Read about it here and more on the recipe here.

Armano bar berlin4_edited-1 And when I was in Germany, at the bar Amano, I had a Fat Julep. The drink is a mint-infused butter which is washed into a bourbon. That's an infusion of an infusion, folks!

What other non-meat items could we fat-wash? Apple butter, blue cheese, jalapeno poppers, sour cream and onion potato chips, peanut butter, pizza, garden burgers, lasagna!

Most of my weekly food intake consists of deep-fried and/or cheesy buttery goop, so I could start fat-washing everything and call it a liquid diet!

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