A Meat Cocktail with a Vegetarian Option
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Cocktail Menu: Azul in San Francisco

Azul is one of those venues that has to balance crowds and cocktails. From Michael Callahan:

"I have decided to make what was know for the last 7 years as a full on hip hop night club and make it into what I affectionately have dubbed a "craft-club". From 4:30-9 we offer a full cocktail list, as well as a great rotating comfort food menu.

"At 9pm we turn into a night club especially thur-sat. The full menu is replaced by a easy to read and simpler menu aimed at refreshing libations that are all built with flavor, speed, and low cost in mind. There is nothing more pleasing then having 10 clubbers lined up to do another round of Averna shots instead of Jager. "

The drinks aren't so out there, but the Whore's Bath not only has a great name, it's the drink that got him in the 42Below vodka national cocktail competition (update: and to the world finals in New Zealand!). Maybe I'll post the recipe in the future.

Cocktails To Dance With:
$9 Cucumber Collins: A refreshing twist on the classic Tom Collins made
with Hendricks Gin, Cucumber slices, Lemon, Simple, and Topped with soda
and some mint, cause you like that kinda stuff.

$9 Modest Mule: A local’s only favorite presented in a tourist friendly
package. Lots o’ Vodka, Branca Menthe, Lime, Fever Tree Ginger, Rosemary
and a smile.

$9 Viv n’ Mari Marg: Named after our famous twin sisters. Blanco Tequila, Mescal, fresh lime, and Agave. On the rocks with a Chardonnay oak smoked Fleur De Sel. Say that 3 times fast!

$9 Hemmingway Blues: The only up drink to dance with as its so good you’ll finish before you can tell the bartender to keep the change. Rum, Lemon, Cane, Muddled Blueberry, and Maraschino.

$10 Crossfire Penalty: A touch of Tejas in every glass. Vodka, Tawny Port, Lime, cane syrup, muddled pickled Jalapenos, shook over ice and topped with Fever tree ginger, Angostura bitters, Mint and lime.

Cocktails To Contemplate:

$9 Siete Mares: Working the dredge boats, and pared well with our famous chicken and waffles. Spiced rum, oloroso sherry, Averna, orange bitters. Served up with a flamed orange peel and some luv. Wants to be sweet but never really develops that way… haven’t we all dated at least one of these.

$10 Whore’s Bath: Paying homage to the fact that there was a secret brothel in this very building we bring you: 42 Below Manuka Honey Vodka, Ume-Shu plum wine, Fresh Lemon, and Pear Liquor. Garnished lavishly with Dehydrated and Shaved Pickled Ginger Black Hawaiian Lava salt, and babies breath.

$11 The Lost Golden Scarab: Brought to you via Mr. Preston Eckman from the city of brotherly love this Lemon grass infused 209 gin cocktail has muddled thyme, Lillet Blanc, and just the right amount of yellow Chartreuse to keep your palette busy and your soul happy.

$12 Harry’s 45: A nod to a more famous San Francisco Callahan. Peated Scotch, Drambue, Absinth, Barrel aged bitters, and flamed orange. A lot of flavor in a lil’ glass.

$12 Dutchman at Dawn: Our original back bar was brought around the horn in the 1890’s and stolen in the 1980’s. In honor of the sailors that lugged it and loved it we offer a libation of Genever, Canton Ginger Liquor, Crème Yvette, fresh egg white, and French rose water. Served up with a fancy design for the dandy in us all.

Old Familiar Friends:

$8 Pisco Sour: With a plaque by the Trans-America building this is a well known classic San Fran Favorite. Pisco, Lime juice (or lemon), Simple, Egg white, plum and peychaud bitters. As good as the day is long

$8 Sangria: A neutered and sophisticated harry buffalo for the grown up trapped in all of us. Wine, gin, fruits, triple sec, ginger ale, oj, and stuff.. Its pretty, its tasty, and its low drama. The perfect date for diner.

$9 Classic Cobbler: A refreshing drink with a lovely mound of sweetness on top. Your choice of sherry or whiskey, Fresh OJ, Dash of Pina, and bit of simple syrup. Topped with seasonal berries. Yum!

$9 Pimms Cup: An ultra sexy refreshing drink with all the goodness of the garden. Pimms No.1, Fever tree ginger beer, fresh strawberry, cucumber and lemon. Served in a wine glass and garnished with mint.

$10 Blood and Sand: A gateway drink for many new cocktail hounds. This amazing combination of scotch, fresh orange juice, sweet vermouth, and Cherry herring has been wooing people away from A.M.F.’s for a better part of the last decade.

$11 Martinez: The Grand-father of the 3-martini lunch. Old Tom Gin, Sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, orange bitters, and a touch of maraschino. Beware of flying pint glasses, this puppy is STIRRED ONLY!

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