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March 2011

Alcademics in Limbo

Actually, that should be Alcademics in Trinidad, where the limbo was invented. Also from Trinidad: steel pan drums, calypso music, and Nobel Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul. Oh yeah, and that's where they make Angostura bitters. As this message is sent through the internet hopefully I'm on the plane on the way to Trinidad, where I'll be witnessing (read: drinking along to) the Angostura Cocktail Challenge. Stay tuned for updates! Read more →

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Win Tickets to Whiskies of the World in San Francisco by Commenting on This Post

Whiskies of the World is coming up again Saturday, March 26th in San Francisco. Keep reading for a discount code to get cheaper tickets, and a chance to win a pair of free ones. I go to this event every year and it's a great chance to try-before-you-buy some of the rarer and more expensive bottlings. Plus it's on a boat so swaying back and forth is considered perfectly normal. 12th Annual Whiskies of the World Expo & Artisanal Spirits Fest The Whiskies of the World Expo gathers the world’s most fascinating distilled spirits along with their makers and ambassadors... Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: Azul in San Francisco

Azul is one of those venues that has to balance crowds and cocktails. From Michael Callahan: "I have decided to make what was know for the last 7 years as a full on hip hop night club and make it into what I affectionately have dubbed a "craft-club". From 4:30-9 we offer a full cocktail list, as well as a great rotating comfort food menu. "At 9pm we turn into a night club especially thur-sat. The full menu is replaced by a easy to read and simpler menu aimed at refreshing libations that are all built with flavor, speed, and... Read more →

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A Meat Cocktail with a Vegetarian Option

In a quick ditty for Tasing Table, I wrote about Gitane's La Convivencia cocktail by Alex Smith, made with your choice of bitters: Chorizo or SoyRizo. As a vegetarian I only smelled the meat version but tasted the vegan one. The Chorizo reminds me of Slim Jims; the SoyRizo of soy sauce. Both add another savory accent to the drink in addition to the sherry. Read the piece here. Read more →

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