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Cocktail Menu: 1022 South in Hilltop, Washington

Here is the new spring/summer menu from 1022 South in Hilltop, Washington. The menu comes from owner/bar manager Chris Keil, who put it together with the help of some of his staff.

Click the link below to see the full menu.

Drunken Boat
Black strap rum, ginger liqueur, house made ginger beer,
flamed Angostura bitters 8

Under the Volcano
Cinnamon infused tequila, agave, bitters, Hellfire tincture 10

Gravity's Rainbow
El Dorado demerara rum, falernum, lemon 12

Garden of Forking Paths †
Tequila, lime, mint, cilantro, serrano pepper 10

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Fernet Branca, green Chartreuse, egg white 10

Genever, grapefruit, honey, sparkling wine 10

House of Leaves †
Vodka, lime, basil, house made grenadine 8

Blackwell †
Gin, Aperol, grapefruit, celery bitters 8

Paradise Lost †
Pimm's, habanero/apple shrub, lemon, ginger 10

La Gitana
Sotol, dry sherry, lavender/chamomile infused honey,
allspice dram, Hellfire tincture 10

Rye, Peychaud's bitters, absinthe 10

1022 Old Fashioned
Bourbon, orange oil, saffron/cardamom bitters 10

Aviation 75 †
Gin, maraschino, crème de violette, lemon 10

1022 Sidecar †
Pear brandy, Cointreau, lemon 10

1022 Corpse Reviver †
Gin, lemon, honey, Cocchi Americano, cayenne, absinthe 10

Cachaca, lime, seasonal fruit/berries 8

Whiskey Cobbler
Whiskey, lemon, maraschino, seasonal fruit or berries 10

Summer Negroni
Gin, Aperol, Lillet blanc 8

Cherry Shrub †
Rum, amaro, tarragon, lemon, cherry balsamic shrub 10

Clover Club †
Gin, lemon, housemade grenadine, egg white 8

Gaucho †
Vodka, cold brewed rooibus/yerba mate,
honey, lemon 10

Lavender Cocktail †
Vodka, lavender, lemon, coconut 8

Matcha Cocktail †
Rhum agricole, lemon, matcha infused agave,
egg white, damiana/birch bitters 10

Holy Word †
Whiskey, tulsi/jaiogulan, lemon, Chartreuse 10

Revolver †
Rum, masala chai, lemon, maca/ginseng infused honey 8

Devil's Buck †
Mezcal, ginger beer, hibiscus/coriander syrup 10

Kava Colada †
Kava infused rum, rum cordial, lime, grilled pineapple syrup,
coconut, kava, damiana/birch bitters 10

Reishi Cocktail
Mezcal, lingzhi, horny goat weed, goji berry, Angostura 10

Apothecary Cup
Bartender's choice. Bonne chance...

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