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April 2011

Working With Beverage Bloggers: DOs and DON'Ts

The other day I gave a talk on social media at the WSWA convention in Orlando. The audience was mostly distributors, brand owners, and PR professionals. We had five people on the panel and just an hour to to talk, so naturally I was the last one to speak and we were already over our allotted time in the room. I had to make it fast so I condensed a ten-minute talk into about three minutes, which is longer than it will take you to read the rough outline of my talk below. Working With Cocktail Bloggers: DOs and DON'Ts... Read more →

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Styles of Pisco: A Mystery Solved

Depending on where you look online, you'll find that there are either three or four categories of Peruvian pisco.This is confusing if you want to write about it. The Problem Some sites say that there are four types: Puro, Aromatico, Mosto Verde, and Acholado. Others say three: Puro (which includes the four aromatic varietals of the Aromatico category above), Mosto Verde, and Acholado. As far as I know, the national pisco association of Peru has no official information in English. And the two very official-looking websites above have different answers. The Evidence But in the process of trying to figure... Read more →

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Teaching a Sherry Class at the Beverage Academy in SF

[Update- realizing this is Memorial Day, we have decided to postpone it until a later date.] On May 30th, I'll be teaching a class at Bourbon & Branch's Beverage Academy! I'm really excited about it. Sherry is a big category of rather complex fortified wine, so I'll be busting out my PowerPoint ninja skills and a whole lot of tasting glasses. Here's the class description. Oh Sherry! Sherry is wide category of fortified wine that’s due for a big comeback. Already bartenders have adopted it as favorite mixing ingredient in cocktails, and wine connoisseurs are giving it renewed attention. Delicious... Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: 1022 South in Hilltop, Washington

Here is the new spring/summer menu from 1022 South in Hilltop, Washington. The menu comes from owner/bar manager Chris Keil, who put it together with the help of some of his staff. Click the link below to see the full menu. Literary Drunken Boat Black strap rum, ginger liqueur, house made ginger beer, flamed Angostura bitters 8 Under the Volcano Cinnamon infused tequila, agave, bitters, Hellfire tincture 10 Gravity's Rainbow El Dorado demerara rum, falernum, lemon 12 Garden of Forking Paths † Tequila, lime, mint, cilantro, serrano pepper 10 The Grasshopper Lies Heavy Fernet Branca, green Chartreuse, egg white 10... Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: Spring Drinks at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club

Here is the new menu for the Walnut Creek Yacht Club in Walnut Creek, CA. Spring 2011 Cocktail List Spring Flavors from the farmers market to the cocktail glass The Garden Elixir House-made carrot syrup with muddled radish and spring herbs; celery bitters, Cocchi Americano Aperitivo and Citadelle gin; fresh orange and lime juices. Served tall over cubed ice with a splash of Seltzer water Kumquat-Passion Fruit Smash Fresh kumquats muddled with local honey syrup and fresh thyme; fresh lemon juice and passion fruit puree; Flor de Cana white rum with a dash of Lemon Hart overproof rum. Served in... Read more →

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Annoucing: SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pubs

This is a project I've been consulting on for several months- time for the big announcement! [For those of you just discovering this, take note of the date of this post...] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ramada Inn Launches New Dining Concept in 18 US Locations: SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pubs Aberdeen, SD, April 1, 2011 --Great restaurant chains are founded on great ideas. Tiki drinks created by Donn Beach provided the inspiration for the Trader Vic's empire. Fern bars that began with Henry Africa's begat T.G.I.Friday's, Houlihan's, and Bennigan's. Today, in a style inspired by speakeasy bars Death & Company, Bourbon & Branch,... Read more →

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