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Triumverate The first three customers who sampled 200 rums at Smuggler's Cove were treated to a trip, not to a tropical isle, but to Portland, Oregon where they distilled their own rum.

It was aged and bottled and labelled with pictures of the three guys, and the launch party is in early May. 

Amazing. The full press release is below. 

Here at Smuggler’s Cove, we’re proud of our carefully selected collection of 300 rare and premium rums. But we’re particularly excited to announce our latest addition: Triumvirate Rum. Made to celebrate the first three customers at Smuggler’s Cove to drink 200 rums, Triumvirate Rum is a very limited edition hand-crafted artisan rum from House Spirits in Portland, Oregon. From a barstool in San Francisco to a microdistillery in Oregon and back again, here’s how the journey took place:

At Smuggler’s Cove, enjoying rum is not just a great way to spend an evening, it’s also an educational adventure. The Smuggler’s Cove Rumbustion Society guides our guests through an enlightening tour of the many varied styles of rum. New members begin with twenty unique rums, and upon completion become Disciples of The Cove. Traveling through another eighty rums earns you the title Guardian of The Cove. One hundred rums is no easy feat, but beyond that level, two hundred rums earns you the rare distinction of the title Master of The Cove. The reward for reaching Master status is a distillery tour to see rum being made in person. Last fall, we embarked on our first Master Trip – to the exotic shores of Portland, Oregon. While not quite the sun-drenched sandy isle you might expect, the choice was a very special one, indeed.

The Masters (Ron Roumas, Mark Holt, and John Boatwright) and myself were welcomed to House Spirits Distillery by Christian Krogstad and Matt Mount. For the seven days prior to arriving in Portland, House Spirits had been fermenting a batch of 100% organic molasses from Barbados. Masters tasted the molasses, the fermented molasses wine, and then the still was fired up to begin distillation. The Masters received a hands-on understanding of how the still works and how heads and tails cuts are chosen- the art and science of distillation. After a day spent with House Spirits, it was time to hit the town for a night of great food and drinks in the City of Roses.

We returned to House Spirits the next day for a second run through the still, followed by a little science lesson in how to measure and adjust proof. That evening, samples of the new rum were taken to local favorite Beaker & Flask, where the freshly made rum was expertly used in four superb cocktails & paired perfectly with a wonderful four course meal. The rest of the evening is hazy, but apparently ended with some very large donuts after a few farewell cocktails at Daniel Shoemaker’s Teardrop Lounge.

Over the next five months, the rum was allowed to rest in a used whiskey cask while samples were sent periodically to us for review. After tasting it at a higher proof in a traditional daiquiri, the decision was made to bottle it at 105 proof so that its bold & vibrant flavor would shine through in cocktails. Triumvirate Rum has now arrived!! Featuring an image of the first three Masters of The Cove on the label, a wax sealed cork, and a beautiful pale honey color, this exceedingly rare and limited rum will be available at the following events:

TUESDAY, MAY 3: Launch Party at Smuggler’s Cove at 6pm

Triumvirate makes its debut at Smuggler’s Cove with a featured cocktail menu, and some very special prizes. Meet the Masters and taste it for the very first time!

SATURDAY, MAY 14: Retail Launch Party at Cask at 2pm 

Join the Masters for a chance to buy a bottle of Triumvirate at San Francisco’s own Cask (17 Third St.). One of the best liquor stores in the United States, Cask features a wide array of rare and premium spirits. Because of its very limited quantity, this will be the only retail opportunity to get your hands on a bottle of Triumvirate. There will be no other distribution. Limited to one bottle per person.

Photos of the trip on our Facebook Page:

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