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Slow Bars Getting Faster, Fast Bars Getting Better

In my story in this Sunday's SF Chronicle, I discuss some ways that cocktail bars are trying to build drinks faster, and how nightclub-type spaces are trying to make better quality cocktails without slowing down.

In theory, we appreciate the extra time and effort bartenders spend on their cocktails - using exact measures of ingredients, thorough shaking or long stirring, and general attention to detail.

But alas, reality.

"People are becoming more accepting of waiting for quality cocktails, but I don't think anybody really wants to wait for anything at all, ever," says Justin Lew.

The story includes mention of how they do it at The Wilson, the Hideout at Dalva, Azul, Rye, and Rickhouse.

Michael Callahan kills it with the end quote. Put it in your brain here

 (Photo: Alex Washburn / The Chronicle)

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