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Annoucing: SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pubs

This is a project I've been consulting on for several months- time for the big announcement!

[For those of you just discovering this, take note of the date of this post...]


Ramada Inn Launches New Dining Concept in 18 US Locations: SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pubs

Aberdeen, SD, April 1, 2011 --Great restaurant chains are founded on great ideas. Tiki drinks created by Donn Beach provided the inspiration for the Trader Vic's empire. Fern bars that began with Henry Africa's begat T.G.I.Friday's, Houlihan's, and Bennigan's.

Today, in a style inspired by speakeasy bars Death & Company, Bourbon & Branch, and PDT (Please Don't Tell), Ramada Inn is proud to announce SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pubs, a series of cocktail and dining experience centers opening in 18 US hotel locations this May, with a planned expansion to 35 locations by the end of 2012. 

SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pubs celebrate American Prohibition, a time period when jazz music thrived, flappers danced, and mobsters threw all the best parties. Each SpeakEZ! Prohibition Pub will  have unique "secrets" including hidden dining areas like replica bank vaults, one-way mirrors, and special menu items only available with the password. All experience centers will share menu and design elements including:

  • Bartenders and servers in mustaches, suspenders and bowties or flapper dresses.
  • "Hidden" restrooms behind sliding bookcases.
  • Cocktails served in teacups, coffee mugs, and flasks inside hollowed-out books.
  • Soda guns that look like Tommy guns and salt and pepper shakers in the shape of shotgun shells.
  • Birthday party "police raids" on special request.
  • Secret Passwordz (TM) Just-For-Kids Menu.
  • Unlimited Frozen Hemmingway Daiquiri specials at happy hour.
  • Breakfast specials including Flapper-Jacks (TM) and Grits Gatsby (TM).
  • Beverage pairing menu items, including Charles Lindbergh Cheese Sticks (TM) with our I'll Take Manhattan(TM), and Mustache Curly Fries(TM) with Slip Me a Rickey(TM)
  • Thin WoMan (TM) low-carb cocktail menu

All SpeakEZ Prohibition Pubs will embody our motto: "Good Times Are Not Prohibited."


About Ramada Inn: Ramada Inn is part of the Wyndham Worldwide group. Wyndham Worldwide is one of the world's largest hospitality companies across six continents. We offer individual consumers and business customers a broad array of hospitality products and services as well as various accommodation alternatives and price ranges through our premier portfolio of world-renowned brands. For more information, contact press manager Avril Phule.

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