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(Sponsored) Bartenders Wanted for Online Advisory Community

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Bartenders Wanted for Online Advisory Community

The Breakthrough Innovation Group at one of the world's largest food/beverage manufacturers has assembled a small, exclusive online advisory community to directly influence the next generation of food/beverage products and services. This community consists of leading chefs, nutritionists, fitness instructors, food writers, importers, mixologists, coffee shop owners and others passionate about the food/beverage industry. As a member of this exclusive advisory community, you'll agree to log in and contribute your thoughts (via surveys, discussions, chats with industry leaders, etc.) an average of 5-15 minutes per week at whatever time is convenient for you. In addition to advising and building relationships with other members, you will receive tangible gestures of appreciation for your time and energy, such as Amazon e-gift certificates in exchange for your participation.

How do you join? Complete this questionnaire. If selected, you will be notified shortly thereafter. Your responses to the questionnaire will help in the selection process and will be used ONLY for that purpose. All of your responses will be kept confidential and will NOT be used or distributed for any other purpose.

Thanks for your time, and we hope you can join us!


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