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Suggested Absolut Vodka Flavors for San Francisco Neighborhoods

Like any city, San Francisco is made up of many unique neighborhoods with people who self-identify to those particular neighborhoods. As we know, Absolut vodka has chosen San Francisco for the next city edition of the vodka: Absolut SF, but do its flavors of grape, dragon berry, and papaya really express the flavors of the city?

I suppose it depends on which part of the city. Thus, I have created a list of: 

Suggested Absolut Vodka Flavors for San Francisco's Neighborhoods.

Absolut Mission: Guacamole and Roasted Coffee

Absolut Noe Valley: Baby Powder and New Car Smell

Absolut Sunset: Surf Wax and Sweet & Sour Chicken

Absolut Haight: Hemp and Incense

Absolut Castro: Banana and Latex

Absolut The Fillmore: Exhaust Fumes and Cigarettes

Absolut Pacific Heights: Fresh Baked Bread and Hedge Clippings

Absolut Presidio: Eucalyptus and Asphalt

Absolut Marina: Axe Body Spray and Peroxide

Absolut Richmond: (unflavored)

Absolut SOMA: Urine and Concrete

Absolut North Beach: Tomato Sauce and Brass Polish


Any other suggestions?

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