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Tonic Water, Tax-Free and Thriftily Priced

In today's blog post for Fine Cooking, I talk about good tonic water. Chances are if you read Alcademics you don't need to be told about it.  

But here is something you may not know: If you subsribe to Amazon Prime, the service for which you pay for a year's unlimited shipping, you can get these tonic waters at less than retail price.

Amazon offers Fever-Tree Tonic Water in a 24-pack for $32.46, with free shipping for Amazon Prime. At retail at Bevmo it's $32.94 for 24, plus tax and recycling.

Amazon also has a 24-pack of Q Tonic for $48. I don't see Fentiman's except for part of a gift set. 

Q Tonic

Get Camper's Book: Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF.