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Cocktail Menu: Belden Taverna in San Francisco

Victoria D'Amato-Moran is the new bar manager at Belden Taverna on Belden Lane in San Francisco. Here is her menu, containing a few classics and a whole lot of homemade syrups. 

Belden Taverna Cocktails    

~*~On the Stem~*~

~ Carciofi de Aperitivi~
Cynar, Pineapple Juice, Cherry Syrup, Rhubarb Bitters , Lemon Juice     

Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Orange

~Brandy  Crusta~                                     
Brandy, Lemon, Cointreau, Bitters

~Tutti Santi~                       
Campari, Vodka, House Made Morello Cherry Syrup, Grapefruit Juice, Lemon Juice

~Tuaca Sour~                         
Tuaca, Ginger Liquer Lemon, Sugar, Egg White

~*~ Over Ice~*~

~Alley Cat Cobbler~                               
Sherry, Sugar, Orange, Mixed Berries, Cinnamon Tincture 

~Summer Swing~ 
Square One Basil Vodka, Smoked Lemon Syrup

~Strawberry Soire'                 
Aged Rum, Strawberry/Rhubarb/Allspice Syrup, Lemon.

~Margarita Arrosto~                     
Tequila, House Made Roasted Pepper Syrup, Lime 

~Pisco Punch~                         
Pisco , House Made Pineapple Syrup, Lemon                                                                                


Prosecco, Lemon Sorbet, Aperol, Julienned Mint  

Brandy, Creme de Menthe

Crème de  Menthe Green, Crème de Cacao, Cream

Cocktails Created by~ Victoria D’Amato-Moran

All cocktails are aimed to cleanse the palate and compliment the food of Belden Taverna.

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