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Cocktail Menu: Seasonal Drinks at Walnut Creek Yacht Club, California

Here are the new seasonal drinks from the Walnut Creek Yacht Club in landlocked Walnut Creek, California. I love that July is considered "early summer" here.

Early-Summer Cocktails
from the summer farmers market to your cocktail glass

House-made roasted red pepper syrup; Amontillado Sherry; cucumber-infused vodka; fresh lemon juice.  Served "up" in a chilled cocktail glass with smoked paprika, crushed almonds, and sea salt on the rim.  Garnished with a skewer of cherry tomato, cucumber, and cocktail onion.  

Plenty of Plums, Plenty of Thyme
House-made plum and thyme syrup; Licor 43; Marie Duffau Napoleon Bas Armagnac; spiced plum bitters; fresh lemon juice; egg white.  Served "up" with a sprig of fresh thyme

Drink Your Peach!

Fresh peach muddled with local honey syrup; peach bitters; fresh lemon juice; Bourbon whiskey; topped off with Pranqster Belgian-style Golden Ale.  Garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a slice of fresh peach. Served tall over ice

Sailor's Choice
rum, rhum agricole, pisco & cachaca cocktails

The Expat
Fresh cucumber muddled in house-made pineapple syrup; Sagatiba Pura Cachaca; Yellow Chartreuse and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueurs; fresh lime juice; topped off with chilled Champagne.  Served tall over ice & garnished with a sprig of fresh mint 

Sweet Heat
Spiced mango puree; a dash of our own house-made Caribbean Fire Habanero Sauce; Batiste Rhum Agricole Blanc; Batavia Arrack; fresh lime juice.  Served "up" with a sprig of fresh cilantro & lime wheel

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