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Announcing Sponsored Projects on Alcademics

After many months of work, I'm happy to announce the launch of Sponsored Projects on Alcademics.com. 

My home experiments and longer research projects here, such as figuring out how to make clear ice, have been some of the most popular content on Alcademics, and also the most satisfying to do. Thus, I found a way to do more of them- by finding sponsors for specific projects. 

Sponsored Projects may last just a few months or indefinitely, and relate at least tangentially to the sponsoring brand or portfolio. 

This month I am launching the first two Sponsored Projects:

The Sugar Project, Sponsored by Bacardi Rum. Rum is distilled molasses, which is the byproduct of sugar production. In this project I'll be studying the history, production, and varieties of sugar and its derivatives around the world. The project index is here.

The Solid Liquids Project, Sponsored by Skyy Spirits. Bartenders have been dehydrating liqueurs for years now and using the residue as rimming sugar or garnish on cocktails. I'll be looking at this technique and trying to find some fun new uses for these flavored sugars. The project index is here.

I'll be posting at least once a week (probably more than that) on each of these projects and link them all together with an index page to make it easy to follow along.

Hopefully, future sponsored projects will follow. I've got a lot of ideas. 

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