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Cool Factor: Cocktail Coolers in the LA Times Magazine

For my latest feature in the LA Times Magazine, I asked bartenders from warm-weather cities to share their recipes for cool cocktails.

The bartenders are Larry Rice from Louisville, Bobby Heugel from Houston, Erik Simpkins from Atlanta, Todd Thrasher from Alexandria, Anthony Schmidt from San Diego, Rhiannon Enlil from New Orleans, and Michael Shearin from Los Angeles.

Latm coolerss1(Photography by Bartholomew Cooke for LA Times Magazine)

Cool Factor
The Dog Days Just Howl for Long, Tall, Cold Libations
By Camper English 

Different times of the day, changing atmospheric conditions and succeeding meal courses all call for a specific type of cocktail. But it’s the sweltering days and lasting sunlight of August that compel us to seek coolers replete with ice. We asked some of the America’s best bartenders based in warmer climes for a drink to chill us out, and their picks make use of a variety of methods and flavors to accomplish this task, from shaved ice and coconut milk to cucumbers and mint—even a splash of light beer. Cheers!

Go here for the recipes!

Latm coolers2
(Photography by Bartholomew Cooke for LA Times Magazine)

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