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Studying Sugar: A Resource List

SugarSpiritLogoSquare1 In the Sugar Spirit Project, I've had to use several sources to research material, so I figured I'd list them on this page should you want to read them yourself or check my work.

I'll add to the list as I use more resources.  

  • Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History By Sidney W. Mintz (1985). This book traces the history of sugar but is primarily a sociological study of sugar consumption in England. It traces how sugar became so popular so fast. 
  • Sugar: A Bittersweet History By Elizabeth Abbott (2008). In-depth sugar history, spread of sugar, lasting effects of sugar production, finals notes on environmental concerns. Contains a lot of information on sugar and the slave trade. 
  •, the website of the Sugar Association. Some brief but good information in the Downloads section.
  • The Wikipedia entry for Sugar is surprisingly good. 
  • The sugarcane Wikipedia entry is not bad either. 
  • The USDA plants database entry is pretty cool. 


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