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An Amusingly Disgusting Way to Drink Vodka in Sweden

While I was in Sweden with Karlsson's Gold vodka, we learned a traditional way to drink vodka. It is called Kaffegök, and it is gross.

You take a cup and put a coin in the bottom.

Kaffegok step one coin_tn

Then you fill it with coffee until you can't see the coin anymore.

Kaffegok step two coffee_tn
Kaffegok step three until cant see coin_tn

Then you add vodka until you can see the coin again. That's how you know you have enough vodka in there.

Kaffegok step four add vodka_tn
Kaffegok step five until you see coin again_tn

Then you drink it. Damnnnn that's some kinda breakfast.


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