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An Unexpected Flavor Trend in Copenhagen

When I visited Copenhagen twice this summer, I was surprised to find one flavor all over the drink menus: eucalyptus. 

At 1105, they serve a drink called the Lady Eucalyptus, made with eucalyptus syrup, gin, lemon, Cointreau, and egg whites. 

At Salon 39, a very creative neighborhood bar/restaurant, they make their own line of bitters. Their eucalyptus bitters I saw all over town, helping drive this trend. 

Salon 39  bitters_tn

They use them in their Gin & It, as well as in their version of Sam Ross' Penicillin. 

At the bar Rouge at the Skt. Petri Hotel, the bar program changed literally between me visiting it in the afternoon and the same evening. (Rumor has it they've changed over and over in the past few years.) But the menu that they showed me during the day also had the Penicillin with eucalytpus bitters. By nighttime, it was a short menu of about eight classic cocktails.

At Umami, they also have a eucalyptus drink on the menu. I thought I stole a copy of the menu but I can't seem to find it now. 

At MASH, they use eucalyptus syrup in their Signature Margarita.  

Now I'm wishing I brought some eucalyptus bitters as a souvenir; and odd taste that unites the great bars of Copenhagen.

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