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Rome and Amalfi Miscellany

Here are some random pictures and notes from my trip to Rome and the Amalfi Coast with Pallini Limoncello. 

Rome is a very, very crowded city, especially around tourist attractions. On our second day there we had a guide who was amazing and knew all the ways around the lines. That's the only way to do it. 

Rome trevi fountain crowd_tn


I had a gelato at San Crispino, supposedly the best in the world. I can't vouch for that, but my two flavors - whisky and honey- were delicious. 

San crispino gelato rome flavors_tn
San crispino gelato rome whisky gelato_tn

The view from the King Victor Emmanual II memorial is great. 

Victor emmanual monument view9_tn
(Look kids, it's the Vatican!)

The Colliseum is a lot bigger than I had imagined. I was thinking it was about three stories tall and could fit a couple thousand people. Nope. It's huge, you can see it from everywhere, and it sat 55,000 people.

Hotel manfredi colliseum view3_tn
 (This is the view from my hotel room on the last night, the Hotel Palazzo Manfredi. Wowza.)

(Seating went all the way up to the top. The stage at the end used to cover the whole floor. The stuff below is where the animals and gladiators were kept between fights.)

We went to a bakery called Panella that makes old Roman-style bread once used for travelers. Naturally, they were out of it on the day we went. 

Panella bakery rome1_tn

Fried artichokes are a thing in Rome. We had them a few times. 

Fried artichoke Da Giggetto restaurant rome2_tn

The Pantheon is an architectural marvel. This and other ancient temples only survive today because they ripped out all the pagan stuff and replaced it with Christian stuff. Good thing gods are interchangeable. 

Pantheon at night_tn
(At night, outside.)

Pantheon rome2_tn
(Inside, daytime. There is a hole in the roof. This acts as a sundial as well.)

We stopped for an espresso nearby at Eustachio, again supposedly one of Rome's best. Their trick is to use some sort of sugar foam. Maybe they run it through the milk steamer. 

Eustachio coffeehouse rome2_tn

Pallini also used to make a fernet!

Fernet pallini pallini distillery_tn

I bought a Crodino on the Amalfi Coast. It tastes like a non-alcoholic Campari & Soda. Delicious!

Crodino bitter like non alcoholic campari soda_tn

I also bought something called China Martini, which I'm guessing is a sweet vermouth derivative using quinine. 


And speaking of bitter, while at a restaurant called Sol De Riso, I tasted all the amari on the menu that I previously hadn't tried. 

  • Amaro de Capo - a locally made amaro with notes of quinine, orange, and saffron. Pretty good. 
  • Radis - Tastes like cola, quinine, orange. You could imagine mixing it with soda water to make a cola.
  • Don Baioro - Very Chrismassy. Tastes of prune/raisin, clove, molasses, and coffee.
  • Petrus - Perfumy yet incredibly bitter. We took pictures of everyone's expression while tasting it. Here was mine. 


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