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Cocktail Menu: Saltbar in San Diego

Here is the cocktail menu of Saltbar in San Diego (downstairs from Saltbox, a restaurant in the Kimpton Hotel Palomar), from house mixologist Erin Williams, formerly of Pegu Club.

I like how she divided the menu. 


St Lucia Sour  12
chairman’s reserve rum, cointreau noir, egg white, lemon, chai rye bitters, maple flakes

Bourbon Peach Tower  11
peach tea infused wild turkey 81 bourbon, lemon, honey, egg white, peach bitters

Mental Ward  10
high west “bourye” bourbon,pomegranate molasses, lime, sugar

Pimientos Dulces   11
herradura silver tequila, cointreau, lime,  yellow bell peppers, cucumber

Kill Devil  11
la favorit blanc rhum, demarera sugar, green chartreuse, angostura bitters, floating lime lily pad

Equinox 11
famous grouse blended scotch whisky, yellow chartreuse, spiced syrup, lemon, green apple, pernod, star anise

Off the Beet’en Path  12
saffron infused gin, yuzu, ginger, beet brine, oj, elderflower syrup, angostura bitters,  dainzu hibiscus salt

Mindanao Punch  10
pineapple infused flor de cana silver rum,                 habanero-lime syrup, lime, chili lime rim, champagne


Vesper  11
beefeater gin, smirnoff vodka, lillet blanc"The Bitch is dead..." Ian Fleming on James Bond in Casino Royale "he ordered one last Vesper, and never drank another"

Stinger  11
fernet branca, remy martin 1738, fresh mint"Get me a Stinger, and make it a double!"     Bette Midler, Beaches

Caucasion  11 
makers mark bourbon, kahlua, fresh whipped cream"It's A CAUCASION!" The Dude in the Big Lebowski on how to order white Russians. Here we’ve taken our own twist on a white Russian and used American whisky in lieu of Russian vodka

Whiskey Sour 12
four roses bourbon, lemon, sugar, egg white,                               peanut butter & jelly garnish"I'm perfectly capable of fixing my own breakfast. As a matter of fact, I had two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and two whisky sours" Tom Ewell ~The Seven Year Itch


Whiskey Smash  10
Dale DeGroff…author, “The Essential Cocktail”  makers mark bourbon, lemon, sugar, mint

Milano  10
Tony Abou Ganim…author“Contemporary Classic Cocktails”campari, cointreau, hanger one buddha hand citrus vodka, oj, egg white, club soda

Earl Grey MarTEAni  11
Audrey Saunders…owner, “The Pegu Club”,NYCearl grey infused tanqueray gin, lemon, egg white

The Statesman   12
Erik Castro…bar manager “Rick House” San Fran   beefeater 24, rothman & winter pear, green chartreuse, angostura bitters

Chicago Club #2    11
Seth Laufman …bartender,”SaltBox” San Diegodel magauy vida mezcal, drambuie, velvet falernum, orange bitters, dolin dry vermouth


Treacle  10
matusalem rum, sugar, angostura bitters, apple juice

Rattlesnake   9
famous grouse blended scotch whiskey, lemon, pernod, egg white

Sazerac  12
wild turkey rye, herbsaint, sugar, peychaud’s & angostura bitters 

French 75  12
beefeater gin, sugar, lemon, perrier jouet brut

Queens Park Swizzle  10
flor de caña silver, simple syrup,peychaud’s bitters, lime, mint


Cucumber Fizz  7
cucumber, sugar, lemon, club soda

Basil Smash  7
fresh basil, habanero-lime syrup, lime juiceclub soda

Brambleito  7
fresh blackberries, mint, lemon, sugar,               club soda


Aperol Spritz  8
aperol, lemon, white wine, club soda

Blushing Fizz  9
cointreau, hendrick’s gin, strawberries, cucumber, mint, club soda

Blood Orange Vino-jito  10
blood orange juice, cointreau, plymouth gin, white wine, club soda

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