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Cocktail Preview: Plum Bar in Oakland, California

Plum Bar, located next to Plum, opens tonight in Oakland. The drinks are by Scott Beattie, he of Cyrus/SpoonBar and Artisanal Cocktails fame. The Bar Manager is Michael Lazar, co-author of Left Coast Libations

The space is one long bar with a good amount of room for standing between it and the wall behind, plus a small back area with couches. With the quality of both the food and drinks I tried, I think this is going to be a very popular bar.

Plum bar_tn

Back of room_tn

I went for a press preview night and tried some of the drinks. Overall they are fresh, seasonal, and alive and zesty, and with Beattie in charge you know they're giving you good garnish. The drink below is the John Chapman, made with bourbon, pear eau de vie, apple juice, and ginger. 

John chapman_tn

The Thai Monkey contains Beattie's signature use of coconut milk. 

Thai monkey_tn

The house Negroni, called the Dry Rye Negroni, contains the new St. George Spirits Dry Rye Gin, and the drink almost tastes like a genever Negroni. The Bruleed Old Fashioned is just a delightful variation on the drink with High West Double Rye, caramel syrup, orange bitters, and lavender aroma. 

Old fashioned_tn

The Rad Radish includes pickled radishes and parsely, so it's a combination of vinegar and herbs. 

Rad radish_tn

The bar food menu contains snacks like quinoa fritters smoked fingerling fries, and some 'heartier' foods like the buttery grilled cheese sandwich and a burger. 

For the entire cocktail menu (subject to change), click the link below if you see one.

Cocktails local, seasonal offerings...
explore spirits & flavors which are 'here' 

John Chapman  11.50
St. George malt whiskey, Weller Reserve bourbon, Aqua Perfecta pear eau de vie, local apple juice, lemon juice, ginger. 

Thai Monkey 11.50
Hangar 1 citron vodka, key lime. Meyer lemon, coconut milk, Chartreuse, ginger beer 

Pineapple Guava Margarita 8.50
Tres Agaves blanco tequila, pineapple guava, lime, agave nectar 

Rad Radish Drink 9.50
Blade Gin, lemon, pickling liquid, fresh pickled black and watermelon radishes, italian parsley, soda 

By Any Other Name 11.50
Rose aprium-infused St. george gin, local honey, Maraska maraschino liqueur, lemon, egg white.  

Waverly Place Echo 10.50
Hangar 1 mandarin orange vodka, Mandarin orainge segments, Meyer lemon, Five-Spice syrup, candied Meyer lemon peel, kaffir lime leaves, soda 

Apparition 10.50
Plymouth gin, Bosc pear, caramel syrup, green Chartreuse, fresh lemon juice. 

Mistral 11.50
Tres Agaves blanco tequila, Meletti amaro, syrah mosto cotto, lemon, lapsang suchong tea foam. 

historical & contemporary offerings...
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Croatian 10.50
Germain-Robin craft method brandy. Old World Spirits walnut liqueur, Cocchi Americano vermouth, Cointreau 

Hemingway Daquiri 10
Flor de CaƱa and Neisson Agricole rums, grapefruit, lime, Luxardo maraschino liqueur Modernist

Aviation 13.50
Blade gin, Tempus Fugit liqueur de violette, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, lemon. Garnished with an 'aviation sphere' 

Bruleed Old Fashioned 9.50
High West Double Rye, caramel syrup, orange bitters, lavender aroma. 

Saffron Sandalwood Sour 9.50
Plymouth gin, saffron-rosewater syrup, lemon, lime, Angostura bitters, egg white, garnished with sandalwood powder. 

Dry Rye Negroni 9.50
St. George 'Dry Rye' gin, Gran Classico bitter, Carpano Antica vermouth 

B3 9.50
Evan Williams single barrel bourbon, Bonal quina, lime, orange bitters, ginger beer 

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