Cocktail Menu: AQ in San Francisco
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Fiery Winter Drinks at the Starlight Room in San Francisco

Last night I went to sample a few of the new cocktails at the Starlight Room in San Francisco. 

One of them is the Pitch Black Amsterdam, made with brandy, genever, ROOT liqueur, and a splash of Frangelico. Bar Manager Joel Teitelbaum tops it with a vanilla foam (vanilla, eggwhite, lemon juice) and then brulees that with Angostura bitters lit on fire. (You may remember this technique from Jeffrey Morgenthaler.)

Here is a video of that at the Starlight Room. 


We tried that drink (good, but mostly notable for the pyrotechnics), the Prize Pumpkin made with both pumpkin liqueur and pumpkin ale, and my favorite of the trio, the Winter Flip made with cinnamon-infused pisco, calvados, apple juice, and a whole egg. 

It's a drink and a meal. 

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