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A Copious Count of Coasters

I realized the other day that I have kind of a lot of coasters for a one-bedroom apartment. I counted them: 67 coasters. 

  Stack of coastersS

That is too many. 

Luckily, about half of them are disposable cardboard ones (though many of those are souvenirs and I probably won't dispose of them) that can be thinned. Or maybe I should find a way to tile the bathroom with them. 

Below are some of my favorites.

Coaster suntory lounge

 (From Japan)

Coaster sweden
(From Sweden)

  Coaster boadas
(From Barcelona)

Coaster stan jones
(From the Mixoloseum.)

Coaster raffles hotel
(From Singapore.)

Coaster madarin oriental vegas
(From the Mandarin Oriental in Vegas.)

Coaster brouwerij t ij
(From Amsterdam.)

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