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Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at the Hotsy Totsy Club in Albany, California

Neon_largeThe Hotsy Totsy Club, a bar in the East Bay not far from San Francisco (but far enough that I haven't been there yet!), has a new winter cocktail menu.

I see: cinnamon vermouth, bottled cocktails, barrel-aged Negronis, and my first sighting of the Tempis Fugit créme de caçao on a menu. Woot!

 The menu is below the jump.

New Fashioned 9
novo fogo cachaça, cherry liqueur, 
walnut bitters + club soda on the rocks. 

Redlands 8
sino reposado tequila, cinnamon vermouth,
jujube syrup + cranberry bitters.

Bottled Bitter Rivers 7
citadelle gin, aperol, a splash of grapefruit
and lime juice, club soda + rhubarb bitters, 
bottled in-house.
Hotsy’s Pisco Sour 9
macchu pisco, lime juice, sugar, egg whites,
finished with a chicha morada reduction.

chokehold 8
rhum barbancourt, cynar artichoke liqueur,
elderflower liqueur + fresh lemon. 

La Verdad Amaro 9
revolucion 100 proof tequila, campari,
gran classico + aztec bitters.

A Doomed Affair 8
fair organic quinoa vodka, aquavit,
nocino walnut liqueur + bonal gentiane-quina.

in the pink 8
tito’s handmade vodka, st. germain
elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit juice +
a splash of cranberry juice.
mexican velvet 9
cazadores reposado, chichicapa mezcal,
velvet falernum, lime juice + pineapple gomme.

Bitters + Booze 9
redemption high-rye bourbon, dubbonet,
cocchi americano, bonal gentaine +
boston bittahs with a flamed orange twist.
Brandy Alexander 9
osocalis brandy, tempis fugit créme de caçao,
half & half + ground nutmeg. 

The Hot totsy 9
overproof rum, fundador brandy,
honey syrup, lemon juice + hot water
set ablaze with toasted winter spices.

Jessica’s wicked hot cider 6
unfiltered apple cider, king’s ginger liqueur,
laird’s bonded 100 proof apple brandy,
house made cranberry syrup + spices, served hot.

Old John McCord’s Holiday Nog 7
keli’s Grampa’s family recipe, top secret.
this is no run of the mill nog.
*while available 
Hot Buttered Rum 8
chairman’s reserve spiced rum + el dorado
5 year rum blended with Keli’s Gramma’s
secret rum batter, served hot.
In House Barrel Aged Negroni  10
bombay dry gin, martini & rossi sweet vermouth
+ campari, aged 60 days in an american
white oak whiskey barrel.
Tequila Ocho Flight 13
tequila ocho plata 2010 • los mangos
tequila ocho plata 2009 • rancho los pamez 
tequila ocho reposado 2009 • rancho los pamez

High Proof whiskey Flight 11
johnny drum kentucky bourbon • 101 proof
willet single barrel rye • 110 proof
noah’s mill kentucky bourbon • 114.3 proof

Rum Flight 10
agua libre • alameda, ca
el dorado five year • guyana
vizcaya • dominican republic

Italian vermouth Flight 11
cocchi americano
cocchi torino
cocchi barolo chinato

each flight is comprised of three 3/4 oz. samplings.
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