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Four Cocktail Recipes From Me

Back in the November issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine I had a big story with four cocktail recipes among other information

They are:

The Port Wine Pick-Me-Up, made with coffee/espresso, port, and orange liqueur. This was meant to be a dessert drink. 


The Grapefruit Vesper made with vodka, gin, grapefruit juice, sauvignon blanc wine, and honey (and should be served in a cocktail glass despite the picture). This was meant to be a fresh classic cocktail spin-off. 


The Sparkling Cinnamon Punch, made with gin, lemon juice, sugar, champagne, and cinnamon. This was meant to be a party punch. 


And the Pick-A-Liquor Ginger Cocktail, otherwise known as a buck with mint. This was meant to be a casual cocktail that friends could help themselves to. 


Yes, it pains me to see this ice. 

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