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Cocktail Menu: Maven in San Francisco

New Bar: Tacolicious II and Mosto in San Francisco

The second outlet of restaurant Tacolicious has moved in to The Mission district in San Francisco, with tequila bar Mosto attached. 

It's a very strange set-up: Both Tacolicious and Mosto serve both food and drinks, yet they opperate independently with different menus. Yet you have to walk through Tacolicious to get to Mosto. The restaurant serves cocktails, while the bar serves mostly shots/sippers. 

(Photo of Tacolicious II by Tyler Gourley, courtesy of Tacolicious)

Tacolicious is food-focussed: it's a high-volume restaurant with a large private dining/party room and an outdoor patio. They offer about 20 cocktails, most available by the glass or pitcher. (The menu is below the jump.) They are mostly juice cocktails with a couple Micheladas. They also offer a huge selection of tequila. 

Tacolicious_Michelada copy
(Photo by Ed Anderson, courtesy of Tacolicious)

The bar Mosto on the other side of the wall is a much smaller and tighter space than the restaurant it abuts, and doesn't feel like a waiting room for Tacolicious either as it is so different.  Mosto only offers five snacks, served from a station at the end of the bar, and only a few cocktails: 2 versions of a Margarita, an El Diablo, a Tequila Sunrise, and a Paloma. 

(Photo of Mosto by Tyler Gourley, courtesy of Tacolicious)

The tequila list at Mosto is also huge, and it includes a large selection of mezcal too with the full range of Del Maguey and Pierde Almas lines among other mezcales. They even have a few sotols. Tequilas start at $8 (though most are $11+) and are served with both sangrita and jugo de escabeche, the latter sort of a spicy pickleback that is delicious. 

Mosto - Tequila Presentation copy
(Photo by Ed Anderson, courtesy of Tacolicious)

As far as other drinks, they have a small menu section awesomely called "Haters" that offers a single choice of vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon. 


The menus are below. 

Tacoliscious II Drink Menu

GRANI Z ADOS (somewhere between guadalajara and 7-11)

frambuesa tequila blanco, raspberries, vanilla, and citrus 9.
margarita verano hand squeezed lime, agave, tequila blanco 9.
f r o z e n p a s i o n tequila blanco, habanero, passion fruit, lime 9.
t ama r i n d o tequila blanco, fresh lime, tamarind 9.
f r o z e n f l i g h t verano, tamarindo and pasion (4 ounces each) 9.

HOUS E COCKT AI L S glass/pitcher

margarita de la casa el jimador, fresh lime, orange liqueur 9.50/28.
sangria roja red wine, apricot brandy, oj, spicy apple salsa 8.50/26.
margarita fresca cuervo platino, blackberry, tarragon, citrus 10/30.
margarita picante el jimador, lime, red chili pepper vinegar 9.50/30.
flor de jamaica hibiscus tea, don Julio blanco, lemon, lime 10/30.
fillmore paloma el jimador, grapefruit, elderflower 9.50/30.
el camino calle 23 añejo, hazelnut, citrus, gran marnier float 12./36
mucho gusto pueblo viejo blanco, pineapple, coconut water 9.50/30.
pasion habanero, tradicional silver, passion fruit, lime 9.50/30.
nopal prickly pear, citrus, herradura blanco 9.50/30.
amargo antiguo blanco, lillet, citrus, thyme, cane syrup, bitters 9.50/30.
tickle me telmo herradura blanco, agave nectar, lime, orange 10./30.
esperanza mezcal, fresh lemon, agave, egg white, almond, vanilla bean 12.
lucha dulce brugal añejo rum, coconut water, citrus, pineapple, grenadine 9.50
serena ketel 1, ginger, basil, lime, cane sugar 10.
t-lish spicy beer tecate, chili vinegar, lime, salt 7.
michelada tecate, lime juice, tapatio, other stuff 7.
paz roja citrus vodka, cava, hibiscus tea, lemon 9.50
preparada tecate, tomato, chilies, lime, salt & pepper 9.
three amigos pisco portón, white wine, white grape juice citrus 9.


Mosto Drink Menu


EL MOSTO el jimador reposado | agave nectar | lime juice 9
MARGARITA CONTRAMAR pueblo viejo blanco | agave syrup | lime juice 9
TEQUILA SUNRISE corralejo reposado | house-made grenadine | orange juice 9
FERRO’S LIL’DEVIL don julio blanco | massenez cassis | lime | house-made ginger beer 9
LA PALOMA el jimador blanco | st. germaine | grapefruitjuice|jarrito’storonja 9


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