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February 2012

A Map of the Online Drink and Food World Featuring Alcademics

The spring issue of the magazine SAY: is the Food Issue. In it they have a map of online food and drink influencers. Alcademics was included, which is awesome. Here's the map: Alcademics is down on the bottom left. A blog post about the map is here, and you can read the magazine online here. Thanks SAY: media! Read more →

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Better Tools for the Dry Shake

The "dry shake" is a technique that bartenders use to emulsify the egg in egg white drinks to give them a nice foamy head. Before adding the ice, they put the egg white and other liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker and give it a good shake. Then they add ice and shake again. Many bartenders also put a spring into the shaker with the liquids to help the dry shake along. This spring is taken off a Hawthorn strainer and used. This is a pain in the butt though. Audrey Saunders (owner of New York's Pegu Club), speaking at... Read more →

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Hemingway Goes to Mexico

For last week's FineCooking.com blog post, I wrote about a drink from Jessica Maria of the Hotsy Totsy Club in Albany, California. The drink is the Ernesto, which is a Hemingway Daiquiri made with tequila. For as much as there are Hemingway Daiquiri spin-offs and as much as tequila loves grapefruit, I don't think I'd seen this version of the drink before. So anyway, here it is. The recipe is over at FineCooking.com. Read more →

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Big Changes at Class Magazine/DiffordsGuide.com

I love to read and am happy to contribute to CLASS Magazine and DiffordsGuide.com. They just announced a big lump of changes that will make it even more unique. The print magazine will now be given out for free at many bars. Paid subscribers are going to get a single-spirit coffee table book (!!) quarterly along with the magazine. And there will be a new industry-only section of the website. Full details are below. We thought people might stop subscribing to the paper magazine and we'd go totally digital, but we're selling more subscriptions to our print edition than ever.... Read more →

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Making Hendrick's Gin

At Tales of the Cocktail Vancouver, I stopped in to the Hendrick's Gin tasting room. I've been to about 70 million Hendrick's events, but in this one I first learned how the gin is made. It turns out that Hendrick's is the product of two different stills. Botanicals are infused into the spirit during distillation in different ways depending on the still. The botanicals go into the column in the still on the left, whereas they are infused into the spirit directly in the pot in the still on the right. The two distillates are mixed and rose and cucumber... Read more →

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