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March 2012

Whiskies of the World in SF

Whiskies of the World in San Francisco is on March 31, and tickets will probably sell out soon. There are more than 200 whiskies available for sampling. A few I'm looking forward to tasting are: Amrut (India) Corsair Artisan Triple Smoke Whiskey Sullivans Cove Single Malt 46% (Australian) Bruichladdich The Laddie Ten Glen Scotia Bruichladdich Octomore 4 There are also a bunch of events in advance of the big tasting. See below. • Thursday, March 29, 1:30pm : Anchor Brewery and Distillery Tour and Tasting: For WoW week we have arranged a special tour of the Anchor Brewery. Special just... Read more →

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A Spelling Lesson And A Recipe

I try to be correct on my spelling of whisky (Scotch, Canadian, Japanese) versus whiskey (Irish, American), but I just realized I've probably been messing up the plural form for years. I always write "whiskies" as the plural of either word or when I talk about a combination of whisky and whiskey, but it turns out I should use "whiskeys" as the plural of "whiskey" and "whiskies" as the plural of "whisky." Ugh, embarrassing. Anyway, I lay out those rules in my latest blog post for FineCooking.com. The post also features a super simple Irish whiskey recipe from Phil Mauro... Read more →

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A Tanqueray Shout-Out from Madonna

Madonna is two -for-two in promoting Diageo products from songs on her new ablum. In the first video for Give All Your Luvin' she had Smirnoff bottles in the background. On the new song and video (which is just words over a picture) for Girl Gone Wild, she gives a shout-out to Tanqueray: The room is spinning It must be the Tanqueray I'm about to go astray My inibition's gone away I feel like sinning You've got me in the zone DJ play my favorite song Turn me on The video is below. Read more →

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Liquid Smoke in the LA Times Magazine

I have a story about smoke cocktails in this Sunday's LA Times Magazine. Go read it! PHOTO: BARTHOLOMEW COOKE Now, you're saying, "Didn't I already read that?" Nope, that would be Robert Simonson's excellent story in the New York Times, which I learned about after mine had already been submitted. We cover pretty much the same material, referencing many of the same people and even including one of the same recipes! Compare and contrast. My story includes recipes by Tim Zohn and Ethan Terry of AQ, San Francisco, Giovanni Martinez of Sadie, Los Angeles, Michael Callahan of 28 HongKong Street,... Read more →

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New Drink Menu at Heaven's Dog in San Francisco

Trevor Easter is the new bar manager at Heaven's Dog. The menu there has traditionally been drinks from Charles H. Baker's The Gentlemen's Companion, aka Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Glass . I wrote about that for the San Francisco Chronicle a few years back. Easter has changed the menu, but tried to keep it in line with its previous theme. He says, "Some of the drinks on there are cocktails that I've come up with but my goal was to do two things: The most important thing was I wanted the transition of me taking over the... Read more →

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