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A Few Thousand Words on the Aviation, In German

In the current issue of Mixology Magazine, the premier German-language bartending magazine, I have a big story about the Aviation cocktail. 

Mixology cover 022012

It covers a bunch of the history of the cocktail - how it originally had creme de violette and then the recipe was probably copied incorrectly and it was not made the right way again for decades. (I wrote a brief blog entry about that here.)

Then it delves into bartenders' preferred types of gins, maraschino liqueurs, and creme de violette, plus a whole bunch of variations on the cocktail. It includes recipes from Sierra Zimei, Humberto Marques, Brendan Dorr, Jacob Grier, and Olivier Jacobs. 

Mixology aviation
It doesn't appear to be online yet, so I hope you German-reading print subscribers will enjoy it. 


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