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May 2012

Come to my Sugar Seminar at Tales of the Cocktail!

On Thursday, July 26th from 3:00 - 4:30 PM I'll be giving a talk at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Please come! Sugar: How Sweet It Is! In this seminar we’ll study sugar from the stalk to the still and beyond. We’ll take a look at the pre-history of sugar cane, its spread around the world, primitive and modern sugar cane harvesting and sugar processing, and the various forms sugar takes around the world, from treacle to turbinado. Then we’ll study sugar in distillation as sugar cane juice and as molasses and take a peek at the changing... Read more →

Get Camper's Book: Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF.

The much anticipated (for cocktail nerds) opening of Goose & Gander has finally happened. The former Martini House now has at the helm of the cocktail program Scott Beattie of Cyrus (and author of Artisinal Cocktails) and several other bars, along with Michael Pazdon of SolBar. With these two superbly talented mixologists in one place it should be a great bar program and I'm looking forward to trying it at the soonest opportunity. Cocktail Image Courtesy of Goose & Gander Below is the cocktail menu. Goose & Gander Libations $11 Scarlet Gander. Hangar One Buddha's Hand Citron Vodka, Shiso-Ginger-Galangal Syrup,... Read more →

Get Camper's Book: Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF.