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July 2012

Talking About Aperitifs at SF Chefs August 5th

During the forthcoming (and awesome) SF Chefs event, I'm speaking on a panel. Prime Your Palate August 5th, 11 - 12 AM, Westin St. Francis, San Francisco Information and tickets here. Join Fine Cooking’s Senior Editor Denise Mickelsen, libation expert Camper English of Alcademics.com and bar stars Neyah White and Brooke Arthur for a pre-tent palate priming. We’ll discuss (and taste!) a delicious category of drinks that many Americans are unaware or wary of—aperitifs. These light, low-impact, before-dinner drinks are just the thing to prepare your taste buds for a full day of tasting. Don’t miss this lively discussion about... Read more →

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A Sneak Peak at Jim Beam's New Visitors' Center

I previously visited the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky and got a great in-depth tour of the facilities (read about it here), but until recently regular tourists have only had a pretty mediocre visitor's experience. They didn't get to see the actual distillery as it's a very industrial workplace. Now they're greatly expanding the visitors' center, with a set of new outdoor displays as to the history and process of making Jim Beam, plus a big new building. Tourists will also take a shuttle and get to go to the bottling line - which I saw and wrote about before... Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: The College Hotel in Amsterdam

Here is the menu for The College Hotel in Amsterdam. The menu was done by Luuk Gerritsen. Luuk is soon moving to Curacao, but the menu will still be in place for a while. I see: burnt grenadine, homemade lemon curd, grapefruit cordial. Have a look below. PRE-DINNER COCKTAILS Sure to whet your appetite Jinx Premium blend of Tanqueray TEN Gin and U’Luvka Vodka, stirred with Lillet Blanc and house-made Lavender & Bay Leaf Syrup The College Manhattan Woodford Reserve Bourbon with a royal pour of Carpano Antica Formula and a house blend of Orange Bitters, served with three brandy... Read more →

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Alcademics Reporting Live from Rio!

Hello - I'm in Rio de Janiero covering Diageo's Global World Class Finals. Last year I was in India for this amazing contest and luckily was able to weasel my way onto another trip. I'll be posting here when I can, but for up-to-the-minute reports and pictures, check out: - Twitter @WorldClassLive This is where I'll be helping to report live during the cocktail challenges, along with pictures of drinks and bartenders. To join the conversation, please tweet with the #WCRio hashtag. -Global World Class Finals Facebook page -Pinterest WCSociety Read more →

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Maker's Mark Distillery Visit 2012

This spring I visited the Maker's Mark distillery, along with seven other American whiskey distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee. I had previously been to Maker's Mark and wrote about my visit here. As you'll read, I learned a lot of different stuff on this trip. Maker's Mark uses a mashbill of 70% corn, 16% soft red winter wheat, and 14% malted barley. Bourbon must be a minimum of 51% corn but 70+ is normal. Malted barley is always used to aid in fermentation, and the remaining percent is usually made of up rye or wheat, more often rye. At Maker's... Read more →

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