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Cocktail Menu: The Hideout at Dalva in San Francisco

The Hideout at Dalva, a bar-inside-a-bar, has updated their cocktail menu. It is below.

“GQ” {gin & quinine} $10
Gin, fino & quina syrup

Fruit cup $10
Pimms, gin, lemon, ginger, cucumber,
soda & bitters

Gin & celery {G & C} $10
Old tom gin, lemon & house celery bitters

Sweet & bitter fruit $10
Gin, plum, lemon & tamarind

Night light $10
Gin, byrrh grand quiquina,
cardamaro & bitters

The Stranger $10
Gin, cocchi americano, lemon, honey
& herbal liqueur

Black mountain rose $10
gin, maraschino & 2 amaro’s

Killer’s lullaby $10
Navy strength gin, gentian aperitif,
honey, lemon & dry apple cider

Altered state $10
Mezcal, blanc vermouth & gentian aperitif

Hideout sour $10
Mezcal, honey, lemon, egg white & bitters

House whiskey cocktail $10
Rye, bonal, maraschino &
house bourbon bitters

Whiskey in church $12
Smokey scotch, oloroso, maple &
smoked apple

Joshie’s Calico road $10
Scotch, apple liquor, oloroso & bitters


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