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Jamaican Rums Bring the Stank on Details.com

In my second story for Details.com, I wrote about the wonderfully pungent pot-still rums and blends from Jamaica. 

Bring the Funk: New Jamaican Rums Embrace the Stank

August 16 is National Rum Day—a virtual invitation for bloggers to post recipes for crappy blender drinks and liquid fruit salads. Not only does this celebrate dumb cocktails, it misses the bigger news about how new rums are embracing bigger, bolder, more assertive flavors. Yes, stankiness is in.

Read the story here on Details.com.

 The story discusses Jamaican rum-inclusive brands including:

  • Smith & Cross
  • Plantation
  • Renegade Rum
  • Denizen
  • Banks
  • Appleton Estate
  • Wray & Nephew
  • Black Tot

So go read it!


  • Appleton 50 Yo on white
  • Banks rum
  • Plantation 3 stars
  • Bottle - White Background - 2012 04 28
Bottle - White Background - 2012 04 28



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