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My Enthronement: The Ordre International des Anysetiers

I probably won't be part of an enthronement ceremony too many times in my life, so I thought I'd make a big deal out of this one: I was inducted into the first American Chapter of the Ordre International des Anysetiers during Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this July. 

The Ordre International des Anysetiers is a charitable organization that seeks to revive the legend and traditions of the ancient guild of Anysetiers, founded in 1263 in France. 


Just ten of us were inducted: Southern Wine & Spirit's chief mixologist Francesco Lanfranconi, Tales of the Cocktail’s founders Ann and Paul Tuennerman, Liz Williams (Chair of Southern Food and Beverage Museum in NOLA), Laura and Chris McMillan of the Museum of American Cocktails, journalists Camper English and Brenda Maitland, mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout and importer Paolo Domeneghetti.

They flew in a multi-national group of officers from various Ordre chapters to lead the ceremony.

During it, we wore a ceremonial collar and were tapped on each shoulder with an anise hammer like being knighted.

We walked away with our ribbon and giant certificate that I guess I'll need to get framed.


And of course, we sealed the deal by taking a sip of an anise liqueur- in this case Varnelli dry anise. Varnelli sponsored the chapter and the ceremony.


I'm not quite sure what my responsibilities to the group are other than spreading a love of anise drinks, but that part I'd do even without the enthroning. 

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