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September 2012

Hello from France!

As you read this, I should be arriving in Cognac, France with Grey Goose vodka. I'm here to learn about the product (as well as Bacardi's new D'USSE cognac) and to help judge a cocktail contest: The Grey Goose Ten. Bartenders from ten countries are competing. They are: France - Joseph Biolatto (Bar Le Forum, Paris) Brazil - Marcelo Serrano (Brasserie des Arts, Sao Paulo) Canada - Jay Jones (Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver) China - Yao Lu (The Alchemist, Shanghai) India - Nitin Tewari (Bar Consultant, New Delhi) Israel - Moshe Budnik (Social Club, Tel Aviv) Mexico - Felipe Guajardo Silva... Read more →

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Coming to Austin: Whiskies of the World on November 2

Whiskies of the World comes to Austin November 2. Progressive and vibrant, Austin is known for having more festivals, shows, and other types of gaiety per capita than any other city in US. But until recently, it was missing something… Good news for all of us whisky lovers and artisanal spirits appreciators-Whiskies of the World, the oldest and most original whisky tasting event of San Francisco, is bringing its whisky vigor to Austin. Those who experienced a grand whisky tasting know what they’ll be entitled to: sampling of literary flood of whiskies, from your conventional whisky fix to the new... Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: New Drinks at The Alembic in San Francisco

Daniel Hyatt of The Alembic bar in San Francisco has updated most of the drinks on the "New School" portion of the cocktail menu. The menu goes live next week. I see: cucumber ice, bourbon infused with toasted rice, pistachio cream, onion juice, walmeister syrup. Looking forward to trying these! New School The Vow of Silence a rubenesque version of the derby cocktail, we use wild turkey rye whiskey, benedictine, creme de griotte, and a dash of bitters. responsible for breaking more than one vow. Kool Thing just in time for our indian summer, we present this brisk little elixir.... Read more →

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New SF Venues on WorldsBestBars.com

Hey, it looks like I'm writing for WorldsBestBars.com now. For my first installment, I wrote up three newish bars: Local Edition Tradition The newly-reopened Burritt Room. So if you haven't been to one of those yet, you might want to check it out over at WorldsBestBars.com. Photo of Local Edition courtesy of Local Edition Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: Bravo Pizzeria Grill in Niagara Falls, Canada

I really respect the cocktail bar pioneers, those bartenders who set up a quality beverage programs in the middle of the cocktail tundra. In them, every customer transaction ends up being an educational session, as there is always a learning curve with people new to proper cocktails where there were none before. These bars can have a great impact though, and turn a small community into a thriving cocktail city. It seems there is such a pioneer in Niagara Falls, Canada. Nick Nemeth, a veteran of Tales of the Cocktail and Art of the Cocktail, has put together a drink... Read more →

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Agave Spirits from India

Thanks to reader Urvi S. for writing to tell me that they're making agave spirits in India. She writes: Far, far away from Mexico, an Indian entrepreneur has brought agave to his country, growing it in the Indian Deccan plateau, and has recently launched his brand DesmondJi that creates and markets 51% and 100% agave spirits. The story behind this brand is fascinating and may appeal to you. Desmond Nazareth, the founder, freshly returned from the States could not find the right ingredients to make his favorite cocktail- Margarita, and decided to create his own brand that would help quench... Read more →

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