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Agave Spirits from India

Thanks to reader Urvi S. for writing to tell me that they're making agave spirits in India. 

Agave-singleShe writes:

Far, far away from Mexico, an Indian entrepreneur has brought agave to his country, growing it in the Indian Deccan plateau, and has recently launched his brand DesmondJi that creates and markets 51% and 100% agave spirits.

The story behind this brand is fascinating and may appeal to you. Desmond Nazareth, the founder, freshly returned from the States could not find the right ingredients to make his favorite cocktail- Margarita, and decided to create his own brand that would help quench his thirst. In the process, he created DesmondJi, which makes Margarita and Blue Margarita blends, Orange Liqueur and Blue Curucao, as well as 51% and 100% agave. The brand has been launched recently and is not yet available nation-wide, let alone internationally. 


More information is on the website. 

I love that they call the mixto 51% agave product "51% Agave."  

I knew that they were growing agave in South Africa but not in India. I'd love to taste this stuff sometime. 


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